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Copy Editing is where I start with your existing copy and make it perfect.

This is a quick and inexpensive service which will make a massive difference to the impact and effectiveness of your message; whether it's your blog or social media posts, your website, brochure, introductory letters, press releases, tenders and proposal documents, advertising, newsletters or emails.

Whether the existing copy is poor or pretty good, the process is always the same:

First, I will check that it really does contain all the key messages you ought to be conveying.

Next, I work on the text to make it easy and interesting to read; with a smooth flow, logical structure, and a style which reflects the nature of your business and the type of customer you are aiming at. Naturally, the spelling, punctuation and grammar will all be faultless - because there's nothing which undermines your credibility quite like a spelling mistake!

Then comes the really clever stuff, carefully woven into the language to deliver those powerful yet subtle triggers which prompt the reader into action, rather than leaving you on the pile with all the other also-rans.

Once the draft version is ready, I'll seek your feedback before applying the finishing touches and tweaks and supplying the final, perfect piece of work.