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Brilliant copywriting for websites is the key to actually making the site do what it's supposed to - convert casual browsers into real customers.

Working in partnership with website design agencies, as well as directly with clients, I create articulate and persuasive copy which is both Search Engine Optimised and Conversion Rate Optimised. In plain English, that means the words I write are designed specifically to achieve two things:

  • Attract more traffic to the website.
  • Persuade people to act rather than just browse.

In addition, my copy is always written in the appropriate style for the business sector in question. This means the site literally 'speaks the customers language', making them feel you understand them, that you identify with them, and that you are the right people to do business with.

Too many websites focus all their attention on the design, almost treating the text as an afterthought; and while this might result in a beautifully stylish work of art it will achieve absolutely nothing in terms generating business.

Whereas a website with well-crafted copy will not only be more effective in attracting visitors to the site, but once there, will engage with them and lead them steadily through the process towards becoming (and remaining) a customer.

Whether starting completely from scratch, or simply re-writing existing copy to improve rankings and conversion rates, professionally written website copy represents a very small investment which can pay back impressive dividends.

So please contact me to discuss how my persuasive copy can work for you.