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Brochures and Leaflets, or anything else which you print in large quantities, are completely different to anything else.

If your website, marketing email or introductory letter is suffering from poor copy or mistakes; these can all be corrected quickly and easily.

But a badly written brochure either stays around for a very long time, or costs a fortune to replace. Imagine that dreadful feeling when you flick through the freshly delivered copy of your shiny new brochure, and promptly spot that spelling mistake on page 2.

OK, so typos are pretty rare these days, but they can happen. More often, the problem is that your literature simply isn't quite as effective as it could be. It's good, but it isn't brilliant.

I can make it brilliant for you, by getting the copy right.

You can either write the outline yourself, and I will then improve the text for you to give it much more impact, and add in the really clever stuff which makes people much more likely to pick up the phone and call you.

Or I can start from scratch and write the whole thing for you, kicking off with a detailed meeting where I will learn all about your business, what you offer, and the type of customers you are targetting.

Either way, I will write an initial draft version and then seek your feedback before applying the finishing touches and tweaks and supplying the final, perfect piece of work.