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Language is the most powerful tool in the universe. It can persuade, inspire, seduce, and sell. Use it well.

Professionally written copy is a frequently overlooked, yet crucial part, of your overall marketing and sales effort.

It doesn't matter how much you spend on brilliant design, evocative images and stylish graphics. The fact remains that badly crafted words, waffle, poor grammar, punctuation and spelling errors can completely undermine the whole lot, giving your potential customers the clear message that your attention to detail is less than perfect, not to mention causing great amusement to your competitors.

Over a career of 25 years in sales and marketing, my copywriting has played a major role in countless successful pitches; it's helped companies win many prestigious awards, and ensured key business messages were delivered clearly, concisely and effectively - in print, online, and via personal presentation.

Great copywriting is so much more than remembering to run it through the spell checker. It's about understanding and reflecting the product or service, the culture and style of the business, and perhaps most important of all - the customer who it's being aimed at. For some, a powerful and punchy style will work best; whilst for others the copy needs to be eloquent, soothing, even seductive. It's a subtle balance, and getting it right really does make a difference to your bottom line.

But it's not just about writing great words in perfect English. My sales and promotional copywriting incorporates the proven principles of influence and persuasion, thus playing a subtle yet significant role in pressing the customers' hot buttons, starting the selling process before they even meet the salesperson. Indeed, it will almost certainly be this copy which persuades them to call your salesperson in the first place!

Contact me, let me have a look at your current literature or website, and I'll show you how my copywriting can improve it. You do, quite literally, have nothing to lose and everything to gain.