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Aha! Yes, this is the bit which makes me different from the rest.

Any copywriter can put together a bunch of beautifully written words for you which they, and you, think are pretty compelling. But that's the difference - I don't think my copy is compelling, I know it is. Because it uses researched and proven principles of influence and persuasion.

So what are these magical principles of influence and persuasion?

Put simply, they are the subconscious shortcuts we all use when making buying decisions (or indeed any other type of decision). Think about it - if we carefully weighed up all the pros and cons involved in each decision we made during the day, it would take an hour just to buy a tin of dog food and we'd never get anything done!

Instead, we make pretty quick 'snap' decisions about most things. Or at least we think we do. The truth is we almost always decide to buy the thing which has subconsciously influenced and persuaded us the most. The world's leading brands use these techniques on us every day - that's why they are the world's leading brands, they're better at persuading us than anyone else is.

You should be using these influence and persuasion techniques too, because your strongest competitors are probably already using them, and because they will help you win more customers.

You still want to know what they actually are, don't you?

Get in touch with me and I'll tell you all about them.